August 2, 2010

22 years since I ditched smoking

40 years since I stepped into this world.

22 years since I smoked last.

18 years as a teetotaler.

10 years as a vegetarian.

In those past years Gulveer my friend has also kicked smoking, drinking and meat.

My efforts to inspire some more friends went in vain.

I feel I may smoke and drink again after few more years. It's just a thought, may never happen.


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mustangally said...

You never said how exactly you quit! Here's my quitting smoking story. About 20 years ago I decided smoking had become a hassle as I got more involved in my artwork. Every time I wanted a cigarette I had to clean up, wash off and then go outside to take a puff; not so bad in the summer but awful in the winter here, brrr very chilly.

I had plans to go to Hawaii to meet up with Archie who had some work out there. The drive to the Albuquerque airport is a little over an hour. During that 60 minute drive I smoked 17 - yes 17! - cigarettes, one after the other. After I parked my car and approached the airport entrance, I ceremoniously tossed the last 3 cigs in the garbage and I haven't smoked since. Ah, Marlboros in a flip top box, never in a soft pack. That was my poison of choice...